Saturday, August 13, 2005

This then is the 2nd time Jeff had to fix our van. It broke down about 8 miles from our camp site but luckily one of the guys working for the organization we were with pulled up behind us just when we died and towed us back to camp. The funny part was when he only left 2 feet of tow rope between his back bumper and our front and then proceeded to tow us at an aproxamet speet of 45 mph. We were pretty certain there was absolutely no way to make it all the way to camp without hitting him at some point but once again God was good and we came out unscathed. We then had to wait around camp for a good 8 hours the next morning while Jeff once again worked his butt off fixing the van. Things got a little hairy for a while there when we ran out of water and the kids started getting dehydrated but yep... we made it through alive. Posted by Picasa


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