Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yep. Still alive.

For those of you who depend entirely on my blog to know if or if not I am alive, I have finally given in and will now attempt a post. Something about constant Internet communication as my main means of expressing myself as well as frequent and required introspection for the entire duration of my time abroad made it seem necessary for a bit of a blogger hiatus. So here's what's happened over the last couple months:

-Dec. 3 I came home from Nicaragua to meet a beaming Michael waiting for me in the airport (and my lovely mother as well).
-We spent 11 days at my house spending time with my family, cuddling, wedding planning, watching movies, and decorating for Christmas.
- We set out in less than ideal driving conditions for the two day drive South to Temecula - spending our hours reading 1984 outloud to each other, visiting our dear friend (and my current roommate) who did HNGR in the Phillipines, and outrunning winter-storms (we stayed about 2 hours ahead of the worst of it for almost our entire drive).
-I spent 9 days with Michael's family which included continued cuddling and reading outloud but also included indoor skydiving (in a big wind-tunnle that makes you fly) my favorite sushi, a trip to San Diego with Chaz and Rebecca to assess the option of moving there, and getting engagement photos done. (the plan was to show a sampling here but the photo app. doesn't seem to be working at the moment...)
-After a bit of an arduous journey I made it home just in time for Christmas Eve morning. I had a lovely Christmas with my family (and Michael with his) and spent the next 10 days, seeing a delightfully long list of old and dear friends (Rachel, Nicci, Jenny, Hannah, Meagan and Tone). I spent many hours cooking and my mom and I worked out wedding details, lists, etc. (enough so that I haven't had to even think about it since I've been back at school).
-Jan. 5 I flew to chilly Illinois.
-Jan. 6-11 I travelled to beautiful Northern Wisconsin with the other 28 HNGR students for a lovely retreat which included laughter and tears, cross country skiing and sledding, several cups of hot chocolate a day, and a private moon-lit sley ride for Michael and I arranged by my very sweet roommate.
-Since then I've been back at Wheaton settling in to my rather crowded but love filled house off campus, pretending like I still care about school, cooking meals with Michael, and catching up with a few dear friends.

How's that for an update?
P.S. and in case you've really lost track of me: I graduate in May and will be married in June. ;)


Blogger Kent said...

It is an excellent update. I even learned a few things and I communicate with you all the time :-)

11:40 AM  
Blogger Elleah said...

That sounds wonderful!

12:38 PM  
Blogger Megs said...

:D Thanks Pammy...I wish I didnt' depend on this to know you are alive and well... hmm we should remedy that.

1:46 AM  

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