Friday, March 28, 2008


For all those curious and concerned friends out there: I still haven't found out where I am going for the six month internship I am going on this summer and next fall. We're still looking at two places in Central America, but communication is slow to say the least. If it is something you've been keeping track of, I will certainly inform everyone as quickly as possible as soon as I know, and please keep me and the placement in your prayers in the mean time. It's getting pretty frustrating at this point. I am possibly the very last unplaced person of our group of 29 outgoing interns at this point... and it would really be nice to know where I'll be spending those quickly approaching six months. The Lord knows, it will be fine... it would just be nice to know.
Thanks to all who've been asking!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break '08!

We just returned from a delightful week at Michael's house in Southern California. Here are some highlights and pictures:

-Because of a rainy winter and the scattering of wildflower seeds as a cover crop after the fires, Temecula has never been prettier. Everything was green except for the vast expanses on the hills that were covered by orange, yellow, and purple wild flowers.
-Played miniature golf, rode a tandem bike to a large botanical garden, and ate ice cream on Catalina Island.
-Spent a whole day and a night with Rebecca and Chaz!!
-Loads of delicious meals out and in with Michael's family.
-Swimming in the outdoor pool.
-Morning bike ride.
-Hiking along the plateau to the verdant pools.
-The ocean.
-Picnic in Balboa Park.
-Sunshine! mid to high 70's almost every day. (but we never got a bad sunburn).
-More love, less stress.

My nearest and dearest.

Lookout Michael!

Luke at Balboa park.

This is apparently my "looking through a piece of modern art" face