Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Meagan and Tone'

Here are my beloved Meagan and Tone'. This however is not a great example of their normal aperance as it was at our friends' annual Thanksgiving feast - Holiday sweaters required.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Meagan and Tone' and the Title

First: yes, I changed my title without giving warning. It's not a big deal. The one and only reason for it is that Bethany wrote me and dad an e-mail about her blog title cuz dad posted about it and she said the main reason she chose it was because it was on a button she got at the tate modern and immediately I thought of MY button from the tate modern which I love dearly and I thought it would be a good blog title as well so there it is.

Second: sorry for not posting. I didn't think about or do much of interest last week. But that is no longer the case!
This weekend, more or less on a whim, I drove 3 and a half hours up to Island Lake Camp, just outside of Seattle, to visit my dear and dearling friend Meagan and her husband Tony. Meagan and I had a great time cooking for Tony, drinking coffee, and talking talking talking.
On Sunday evening we took the Ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle (because they live on that side of the Sound) and walked around the city. It was Meagan's first time EVER in the city! I've been there a bunch but I always enjoy it. Everything was closed since it was sunday night but we had fun none-the-less. Seattle is a terrific city, I highly reccomend it. Closes early on Sundays though....
The only sucky part was driving home late at night in the rain... I actually COULD have died last night... but I didn't. Go God.

In other news:
I have this Biology professor who is quite a character and makes some very funny jokes but today I started to realize that he only has a few jokes which he uses over and over again - one of which is to make fun of Biology 101 students (which is the class I am in). At first it was funny... but today he did it straight to my face, it made me mad. He acted all surprized that I figured something out. Like since I'm going to community college that must mean I'm stupid. Oh well... just my pride being injured.
On the good side (a few of you will appreciate this) my entire lab group was absent today so I joined another one which had girls in it who actually knew that 5/10 was .5 and didn't think it was either 2 or 0.2! Quite a relief.

I'm in the library at school and this guy was looking at me and it really startled me because he looked EXACTLY like Josh Schreck. Josh, are you stalking me? Wrong roommate man.
Ok that's all for now. I sadly have no pictures of my terrific weekend... maybe I'll post one of Meagan and Tone' later.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

James 1:27

I was so proud of our youth group today. We had our monthly(ish) homless outreach today where we go downtown and hand out sacklunches and today we also handed out coffee, apple cider, hotchocolate, and coats and hats and gloves as well because let me tell you it was FREAKING FREEZING OUTSIDE. But hey, they have to live in it, the least we can do is show a little love. I really love working with homelss people, they are so nice and receptive. I don't really know why people think they're scary and weird... I mean I used to think that, but really as far as I've experienced very few are, most are really tender and nice. So thanks God for letting us partner in your work today! And good job high schoolers at getting in there and getting it done!

(This one's just to prove to you that it really was stinking cold out.)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Capernwray Family Group

So on a whim today I decided to watch our dvd that we made in family group - Brent, Ben, Justin, Caroline and Tizz know what I'm talking about... It is very special.
These are the thoughts I was left with, in no particular order:
  • Oh my gosh, I forgot Ben was my brother! I was actually thinking about it Ben, and I was like... was he? And then I was like... maybe not because I don't remember us doing incredibly crazy awesome stuff and surely we would have if Ben was in our group. But sure enough you were. I hope that's not offensive... I have a really bad memory, many can attest to this.
  • Funniest quotes from the movie: Brent on the question, "how do you take your tea" - "I always say straight tea for a straight guy." and Ben on "what fictional character would you be" - "I'd be Van Helsing because in that one shot of him when he's just in his loin cloth he is like RIPPED."
  • I forgot that Justin has really cute dimples. And only minorly related to the dimples but more just Justin in general - I really hope I get to go to school with him next year!
  • I was really weird and kind of over the top in that video. I think I'm kind of different now than I was then... or possibly it was just the scenario, but no... I think I'm different now, I think I'm quieter. Plus my hair was really short!
  • HELGA KOLBENSTOKTOR! Good gracious I miss that girl. All of you who weren't roommates with her SEVERELY missed out.

Ok that's all for now. Family group was great... I wish I was in the sports hall lounge with them right now. That would be nice. Remember that cake that heidi made us that one time? That was gooood cake. Remember watching Wallace and Grommet on our first friday fun night. oh the joys.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I knew he'd come through.

My dad that is. I love my dad. Why? Because he has been my Valentine for the last 20 years and once again my tummy is full of delicious chocolate on Valentine's day.

Now instead of feeling like this:

I feel like this:

Thanks Daddy! I love you!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Beautiful sunshine.

Weeks of rain make sunshine more brilliant and beautiful than it ever could be of it's own accord. Weeks of illness make the first day of average health altogether exhilarating.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today I slept.

Guys... I'mb sick... again...

Today I:
Woke up at 11
Drank some juice that mama Lori brought me
Ate some oatmeal
Watched the music man
took tylenol
WENT TO THE VIDEO STORE (oh the excitement!)
Watched Elizabethtown (recommended particularly to those of a more artsy persuasion... I think the soundtrack was it's strongest point. And Kirsten Dundst's unexcpectedly good acting).
Ate KFC with the Moodys
Watched MASH
And now I shall go back to sleep.

Why did I share all of this with you? Well, to put it simply... I'm kind of bored. Can't imagine why!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sometimes I forget how pretty it was (is).

Friday, February 03, 2006


I feel like I just finished finals week... except I still have 2/3rd's of a term left. Bleck.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

¡Feliz Cumpleanos Béthany!

Hoy es una dia muy importante. ¡Es el dia cuando mi beuna amiga, Béthany Horne, tiene vente anos! En celebration de su cumpleanos tuvé un examen de Espanol hoy. No fue muy terriblé pero prefiero el otro celebration de la cumpleanos de Bethany en el ano pasado cuando cenemos en la Bella Italia. ¡Te quiero mucho Béthany, tienes un cumpleanos fantastico! (lo siento mucho para los error en esta parafo, no soy bueno a espanol).