Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm baaaaack!

That title was from was Leonardo (thus named after the turtle and not the painter or the actor... because he's blue and kicks butt too...) letting you know that he is in fact happily sitting in my room and playing me the white stripes at this moment, and VIRUS FREE! (or so we hope). In the words of the amazing res-net nerds "it was a bear, but I think we got it." YES. Thank you boys!

AND, it's sunny out and not cold

And, I aced my Old Testament quiz today

AND, we delofted my bed so now I can sit on it easily

AND, tomorrow is Friday and we're going downtown to the Chicago Jazz and Blues festival.

Good things. Very good things. The irony? Although my heart is swelling with these recent and very gratifying devlopments I STILL have a head ache from the hours of text book pages read last night and thus and am not in a particularly great or social mood. But that is OK. At least I have music to make it all better now. AAahhhh, deep breath.

Hopefully I can send you pictures of my cute little room and roomies soon now... but I can't promise for sure I mean I am in COLLEGE now... I might not have time for petty little things like that... ;-)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just a little negativity...

I'm cold.
It's raining.
I have about a bazillion pages to read tonight.
My computer is still being devirused and thus I have no music.
My throat hurts.
My tummy hurts.
I'm cold!

The irony? I'm actually in a pretty good mood.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One week down.

Saturday morning 9:24am, I have just awoken (well actually I "awoke" about an hour ago thanks to one of my roommate's fondness of the snooze button, but whatever) and am about to make myself some coffee and oatmeal. The sun is out and I believe today will be a fine new day, full of lots and lots of reading for school. Yes, that's right, school has started and is now kicking into full gear. It's pretty weird, I do feel like it's the end of September rather than the end of August, but it's not. Anyway, being that I don't have coffee in me as of yet all I can do with this post is some general catch up info mostly for the sake of my dad, who I know relys on these.
So classes have started, I like them all - except my LAME Spanish teacher, but hopefully I can switch classes and that will be fine. I am excited about my Anthropology of Culture class, it looks to be incredibly interesting, but also a lot of work.
My roommates and I are friends already and there is a nice little group of us transfer girls forming. Sometimes I wish transfers didn't stick together ALL the time so that we could integrate a little more... but I am sure that will come with time.
Did I mention who lives across the hall from me? Like literally 3 feet away from my door? None other than every t-hoffer's favorite girl, Gisela. I didn't even know she'd transfered here... and there she is, right across the hallway.
So I know people never read posts that are much longer than this and since I am in school now and have very few interesting things to say just yet I will end it here.
Oh, and my computer is still not fixed. I'm starting to get a little worried about old Leo, I dropped him off about a week ago and they said they'd call me when he's done... no word yet!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Here I am.

If I'm inconsistent these days it's just because I don't have internet on my computer yet - thanks to my ever helpful and oh-so-clever virus which I am yet to get off of my computer. But this is just to say that I'm here at Wheaton, I'm all moved in to my cute little room (it's a triple, one middle room with a room on each side so each of me and my 2 roommates have our own rooms. Mine's on the side and I like it quite well.)
I just got back from hanging out with Jummy and Jistin - just as much of a couple here as they ever were at Capernwray, if not more so. It's so great to see them again. They're RA's this year and oh-so-responsible are they! (do you like my oh-so's in this blog. no idea where those came from...)
Anyway, hopefully I will have internet soon and I can show you all pictures of the campus and what not.
much love,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Me voy a Chicago en la manana. Que rapido pasaba el tiempo!

Get ready Wheaton, here I come!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My annual August virus.

So Caleb and Josh's lovely mom,Linda, has connected me with her brother who is helping me out with my little virus problem. It's slow going becuase it's a pretty tricky little guy but I'm hopeful that we'll get it. He just sent me some information about the virus however and it looks like it is an e-mail attachment that sends itself through its "victim's" e-mail registry - so that means you all should be extra careful about opening up any random junk mail in the next few days.
Ironically I also was infected with a virus last computer. that time it ruined my hard-drive beyond repair. Here's hoping this one isn't so bad!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I have this virus on my computer which doesn't seem to affect me much except for a random web page popping up every so often and that it won't let me download anti-virus software. When I try to download any anti-virus software it automatically restarts my computer. I've tried a few different ones. This is just a shot in the dark and next I'll call the experts, but they always put me on hold for a long time so.... anyone have any suggestions for me?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Park Boys Camp pictures becuase for some reason they don't want to go on that post...

I'm really bummed because I have loads of pictures from camp and some really cool ones of when we climbed this big rock, but my computer just refuses to post them. I have no idea why. Maybe I'll e-mail them to Bethany and she can post them... Here's a couple from after camp. For some reason THEY'RE fine... just ones during camp that aren't allowed... phshhh, stupid computers.

Here are Pedro, Bethany, Galo and I the night after camp. They came over to the apartment to visit us. They're great guys - regardless of what the armed gaurds to our community say, they really are, God is doing cool things in them against all odds.

I miss this girl.

In other more current goings on - we are having a Morgan (mom's side) family reunion this week. Lucky for me they all came here since my grandparents moved here last year and can't move around a lot. This is my last week at home before I leave for Wheaton. My goodness, time does fly!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Park Boys Camp

Monday, August 07, 2006

Almost 21 or almost 5...?

The swelling in my cheeks, due to the recent removal of my wisdom teeth, coupled with yesterday's spur of the moment decision to cut my bangs has resulted in a rather humorous combination - I now look almost exactly the same as I did when I was 4 years old. Only a little taller. Here, see for yourself:

(see Bethany? I told you I was a cute kid).

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Acampamento uno: Septimo ano

6th grade camp.

Who, you ask is that hottie in the kitchen? Why none other than miss Bethany Horne herself. (man she's going to kill me for that).

Daniel being "SUCH a help." Heh...

The REAL workers in the kitchen. Mayi (pronounced Majie) and Liliana. Unfortunately I don' thave a good picture of Tatiana, the hardest worker of them all. These gals sure know how to make a good pot of rice! (and many other delicious things to go with the rice too of cousre).

6th graders are fun. This is a real good group. We also had a group of high schoolers from Canada helping out with these camps. I'll include some pictures of them in my next post.

Plase stay tuned for: Los chicos del parque.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I am currently:

Sitting in my dad's recliner high as a kite holding ice packs up against my swollen cheaks - as I have been for about the last 24 hours save a few precious hours when I was coherent enough to watch Alias.
I am recovering from oral surgery. All 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday. Yay! Goodness, does the fun ever stop?!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pictures from the jungle adventure.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed Bethany and Pam purchase their $7 bus tickets and await their 7 hour bus ride out into the boonies.

This is a "cable car" (if it even deserves that name) that 6 of us piled into to ride across to where that waterfal is. How confident do I look in that picture? If your answer was not very then you are correct.

This is where we spent the night in the jungle. Cute eh?

Bethany and Pam treck through the jungle for several hours.

Swinging on a vine like tarzan. A definte highlight.

A very accurate portrayal of our feelings after the day's "walk" through the jungle.

Bethany's steering the dugout canoe we road down a tributary of the Amazon. This is just before we jumped into the water. That was a little scary becuase you couldn't see what was in there with you, but also fun.

Daniel says we look like jungle children in this picture.

We visited a Chechuan villiage and lucked out by arriving during the ceremonial opening of their new suspension bridge. This is a celebratory tribal dance and with the government official who was there there to inagurate the bridge joining in.