Sunday, April 20, 2008

The rumors are true.

We're engaged!!

I know. I can't believe it either.
Ok, so I know you all want "the story" so here it is:

Friday morning 8:30am I am awakened by something hitting my window screen. I try to ignore it until I hear a soft "Pamela.." I roll over to see Michael smiling at me through the window. "Oh! what are you doing here so early?" I mumble? "I brough you your shampoo" he says (I had just ran out and he had taken my bottle the night before so he could fill it with some of his).
I thought that was sweet of him, so I went around to the door to get it from him, still feeling a little confused as to why he was up and dressed at that hour.
When I went to the hall door (boys can't come into my dorm hallway during normal daytime hours) and there was Michael, with a giant boquet of flowers. "Do you want to go to breakfast?" he asked.
Well I thought that was awfully sweet of him. I noticed his heart was beating when I hugged him "Could this be...?" I thought, but I tried not to jump to any conclusions. So I rushed back to get some real clothes on and brush my teeth, all the while trying not to get my hopes up or assume anything.
We got in the car, but when we didn't head toward our normal breakfast place I was a little curious. "Are we going to Denny's?" I asked... trying to think of any breakfast place near our driving direction. "Um... maybe..." Michael replys. A minute later, we turn off the main road we were on and Michael admits to me, "Ok, so we're not going to breakfast right now." And then I knew. This was really happening.
We drove to Northside Park in veritable silence, both unable to think of anything to say. When we got to the park, Michael asked if I wanted to go for a walk, and I suggested we walk to the bridge that went over the pond a few yards away. He agreed and we both started walking rather briskly in that direction, clutching hands and still unable to think of any topic of conversation. That is until Michael said... "Wow, there sure is a lot of goose poop." Which I agreed with and proceeded to tell of a duck that I heard outside my window. He suggested perhaps it was a goose, but I contended it was in fact a duck. And then... having pulled all we could out of that topic, we walked the remaining distance to the bridge in silence.
When we got to the bridge Michael turned to face me. He told me that he knew this was a place where we had many memories, but they were only good memories here. And so, he told me, this was where he wanted to do it.
And then Michael got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes. And we both started hugging and laughing. We tried to kiss, but our mouths were too dry, so we just hugged and laughed some more... and the rest... well I suppose it's mostly still ahead of us.

This was my Grandma Schnake's ring. I've known it was some day to be mine since I was little, but in the past few years decided I wanted it to be used when I got engaged. I really don't think I could have found a ring that I liked more if I tried.

Thanks for everyone's support and love! The Lord is so very good to me. I'm really just overwhelmed. I love you all and... sorry if you found out about this from my blog. I tried as hard as I could to tell everyone I could before putting it online... but the clamor for the story finally one out.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Michael W Smith

Three times a week I attend chapel. I usually enjoy it, but I have to admit, I go largely because it's required. But yesterday, although still required, it was far from a chore. Michael W. Smith, husband of Wheaton alum (and HNGR alum) Debbie Smith, preformed for us, and encouraged us with the words only a dorky middle aged dad could impart. It was sweet, nostalgic, and downright enjoyable.

P.S. we confirmed that I'm going to Nicaragua yesterday. And the more I learn about this internship, the more exciting it sounds.

Friday, April 04, 2008


I am 98.5% sure I will be spending June through November in Managua, Nicaragua with an organization called Nehemiah Center. They've asked me to do reserach on churches in the area and surrounding communities to help them implement a new program concerning church health and to help them minister more holistically to these local churches. I'm still vague on some of the details myself, but am definietly excited about the opportunity. I will provide more information as I receive it.