Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We're having a lovely Autumn here in Wheaton, IL this year. Crisp and cool and colorful as all autumns should be. In celebraction of autumn I highly suggest any of the following activities as I have tried them all out for myself and found them to be quite pleasing.
-Make a point of smashing every crunchy leaf you walk by
-Eat loads of butternut squash
-Carve a pumpkin
-Walk through an apple orchard after it's harvested and take bites of various apples that have fallen on the ground.
-Make a turkey hand drawing
-Buy halloween candy "for other people" and then eat a bunch of it yourself
-Eat a carmel apple (I have one sitting on my dresser waiting for me to enjoy it, even as we speak).

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm sorry, I really just can't think of anything to write about these days. Aside from narcissitic recounting of events in my life. And somehow this just doesn't seem like the right place to recount deeper more personal things - sending them off into a void where they may be encountered by people I love or by people I don't even know.
It would be nice to write again though. I realized as I was coaching Michael on paper writing today that I haven't been challenged to think or articulate on any sort of an abstract or theoretical level in months and months. I wish I missed it enough to actually just do it on my own... but when does that ever happen?